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You're Uniquely Brilliant At?
5 Keys to Discover Your Brilliance 
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  •  Unlock Your Inner-Genius: become crystal-clear about that 'one-thing' that nobody else can do quite like you!
  •   Reclaim your sense of purpose:  activate your inner-genius in REAL & PRACTICAL terms to make the changes you want
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"Hi, I'm Nicola - an experienced professional coach and successful entrepreneur and I help 'busy' people to discover what they're uniquely brilliant at!

Unlocking this will allow you to activate that ‘one-thing’ that nobody else can do quite like YOU!

No matter what type of business you're in…it can be easy to find yourself feeling trapped or stuck in an uninspiring job or career as you search for the type of personal fulfilment and business success you REALLY want.

Maybe you've been thinking about transitioning your career into a something that feels more like 'you'.

Or perhaps you've been thinking about shifting gears altogether but you're not sure where to start, or how to go about it.

Or maybe you just want to re-inspire your current work/life balance to ensure it's working for you - versus against you. 

Whatever the case, mastering the '5 Keys to Discover your Brilliance' will lead you step-by-step through my simple process so you can bring your inner-genius to-life in REAL & PRACTICAL terms! 

Everyone is brilliant at 'something'... but what does that mean for you? 

Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you think and these '5 keys' will show you how."

Nicola Palk, Founder of Live-Your-Edge

"I have always loved working in marketing, but never quite knew what the right role was for me.
Knowing what I'm 'genius' at has changed everything and given me new sense of clarity and confidence about exactly how to focus my efforts! I have now changed roles at work, and am specialising in an area which brings out my best. I feel like a new person and  am so much happier."

"Discovering that I have an inner-genius has been a real wake-up call. Owning and managing a business, I was literally running myself ragged doing everything. But understanding where I add the most value has helped me to get really clear on what to spend my time on. That has taken a real weight off my shoulders, so I've been able to outsource a few things and the business is really thriving." 
Would you like to discover that 'one-thing' that nobody else can do quite like you? 
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