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5 Keys to Claim Your Magic
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  • Remove the blindspot: learn how to remove your own personal blindspot so you can clearly define the unique value you bring
  • Harness your power: understand how to leverage more of your 'magic' so you can use it to have more of the impact you'd like
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Hi, I'm Nicola - and I specialise in working with experienced coaches and consultants who know they’re good at what they do, to claim their ‘magic’ in a tangible and inspiring way so they can use this to take their business to the next level.

This means that while you’re already creating some great results for your clients, on some level you’re still struggling to bring this to-life for yourself which is making it challenging to clearly define the value you offer.

Or in other words, my ‘magic’ is being able to help you to truly SEE and claim your own ‘magic’ so you can embrace the unique transformation you bring and use it to have more of the impact you’d like. 

Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you think and mastering the '5 Keys to Claim Your Magic' will show you how.

Nicola x
Nadia, Brisbane
'Talk about life-changing!!

Working with Nicola appealed to me from the outset as while I had been coaching a high level for nearly 10 years, somehow the 'magic' was still missing.

I had always enjoyed coaching but was still struggling with the idea of having to sell myself which often felt pushy and inauthentic.

Understanding my 'magic' changed everything, and gave me a whole new understanding about the value I bring to my clients in a way that meant that I could finally show up into it fully and attract the kind of clients I had always dreamed of.

Plus I also started feeling confident enough to raise my prices without having to second-guess myself!

It's been a while since I felt so excited about what the future may hold...

Thanks Nicola, for everything!

Ben, Houston
'I had been running my own coaching business for nearly 2 years but was still struggling to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

When I first started working with Nicola, I had been trying to establish my business so I could rely on it financially without having to worry about where my next client was coming from.

Most of my work was coming in through referrals and while I had tried a few different courses and programs, nothing had really helped.

When I first came across Nicola, the idea of 'claiming my magic' appealed to me as this sounded like it might be a great way to reliably turn my coaching expertise into income from a more energetic perspective.

It was! Working with Nicola showed me just how much I had to offer, plus she helped me to start communicating it in a way which felt far more natural.

The business looks completely different now because  I have a different kind of confidence about how to practise my 'magic', and that's a great feeling!
Would you like to claim your magic? 
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