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Hi, I'm Nicola

I'm here to inspire you to create a business you love!


What would it feel like to feel more inspired – and do work that truly lights you up?

And how would it feel to be able to ditch the self-sacrifice and ‘work harder’ mindsets you’ve been conditioned to accept, so you can make more of the real type of impact you want?

Hi, I’m Nicola and I am a highly qualified master coach and business mentor, as well as a successful entrepreneur who after years spent working for others finally made the decision to ‘live-my-edge’.

I now work 1:1 with top level executives and entrepreneurs to help them claim their big visions, so that they too can step forward as empowered leaders who are fully in tune with their genius and totally in love with what they do.

Together we redefine what leadership and success mean – to you – so that as industry leaders and influencers we can transform businesses across the world from the inside out.

Building a business you love will start to feel easy when who you are – and what you do – are naturally given a chance to align.

Only most people feel scared to admit what they want because they haven’t yet figured out HOW they’re going to achieve it.

So what if you knew how to tap into a proven system & framework that allowed you to harness your own unique spark?!

Whether you’ve reached a point in you’re life where you’re seeking a new way forwards, or you’re a seasoned professional who wants to take their business, or career, to the next level…

…the magic lies in creating the right type of structure/s to inspire you to build the type of business you want.

Nicola x

7 glimpses into how I got here

1. I co-founded one of the world’s first online executive coaching companies…and helped build it into a multimillion dollar business
This was one of the highlights of my entrepreneurial journey, as it allowed me to combine my passion for business with my love for inspiring leaders to reclaim their 'spark', and saw me coaching senior leaders from some of the top companies right round the world.
2. Eventually, I walked away from that company
As that business became more successful, it started to take on all the hallmarks of a ‘corporate’... and I found myself operating in full-on burnout mode! So, I ultimately stepped away to start my own business where I now coach people to avoid this same trap by operating in their own unique zones of genius so they can feel inspired to create a business they love.
3. I truly believe in the MAGIC of what's possible
This means that each of us possesses a unique gift or talent that points towards your greatest source of fulfilment and the difference you want to make in the world. When you know how to make this gift the guiding light for your work, what you do feel inspiring and easy.
4. I’m someone who believes in challenging the status quo
I spent too much time in my early twenties ‘white-knuckling’ it to work in anticipation of the daily hustle & grind while feeling totally unqualified for my first big job at one of Australia’s biggest radio stations. Years later, even after climbing to the top of the corporate ladder (and running the magazine division for the country’s top newspaper company), I still couldn’t shake that ‘not good enough’ feeling. Now I believe in claiming your magic — and being the best in the world at what you love to do most!
5. My parenting philosophy is that I want my daughters to feel INSPIRED
I always wanted to inspire my girls to find that ‘one thing’ that they were truly passionate about, and give them an early experience of pursuing their dreams. Scarlet is now a nationally recognised soccer player and Avalon is an amazing top-level dancer. But that parenting philosophy is NOT about their achievements — it’s about helping them recognise what it means to do something they love, so they can develop a different type of belief in themselves.
6. I’m a bit of a ‘good girl’ with a strong inner rebel
I was always good at school and excelled in music — even singing in two operas before the age of 12 at the Sydney Opera House! Then, when I was 17, I rebelled against my ‘good girl’ persona — dropping out of my University to backpack up the North Coast of Australia (with my ‘bad boy’ boyfriend!) Now, my rebellion is more about helping high achievers tear up the ‘rulebook’ to become the type of visionary leaders they actually enjoy being.
7. I think that society trains too many of us to believe that success is meant to feel HARD
Far too many people are so accustomed to feeling dissatisfied & exhausted that they subconsciously believe THIS is the road to ‘success’. It’s not! But many don’t even realise what’s happening until YEARS of their life have already gone by, with them only rarely feeling like they’re doing something which TRULY makes them happy. Everyone has a soul purpose they’re here to fulfil — and I want to help you feel inspired to find yours.
Are you ready...

… for a new approach – one which will inspire you to unlock your own unique brand of magic so you can use it to step into an entirely new plane of success no “effort-ing” required?

Most people in business are placing their focus on WHAT they do, and HOW they do it.
Or in other words they’re trying to build their businesses from the outside-in!
But people aren’t drawn to WHAT you do, or even HOW you do it – instead they are drawn to what you BELIEVE.
And that’s about tuning into your own personal WHY – which is far less about how clever or committed you are and far more about how excited you feel! 
Building your business will start to feel easy when who you are – and what you do – are naturally given a chance to align.

This is your invitation

to be part of a movement where we do things differently.
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