About Nicola 

Nicola is currently based in Sydney, Australia and is a highly qualified master coach and business mentor, as well as a successful entrepreneur who has left big-business behind…to live-her-edge!

With an extensive background, Nicola is passionate about empowering successful professionals to make the ultimate shift from their current zone of excellence into their own unique zone of genius so they can start feeling more inspired and in-control.

As an entrepreneur, she is also passionate about championing those who are looking for a new type of fulfilment by charting their own trajectory, with extraordinary results.

Nicola has coached hundreds of senior business leaders from around the globe, from multinationals to medium and small-sized firms.

She has travelled extensively and worked cross-culturally, playing a leading role in the development of one of the first successful global online coaching companies.

An energised do’er, she enjoys combining her love for tangible business success with her true-gift for inspiring those within it to make a significant breakthrough in whatever’s been holding them back.

A gifted Coach, Nicola has developed her current offerings to bring her lifetime of knowledge and skill to those in search of ‘something more’.

Qualifications include;

  • Masters of Organisational Coaching – University of Sydney
  • Executive Coach Accreditation – Australian Institute Executive Coaches (I.E.C.L)
  • Bachelor of Business – University of Technology, Sydney

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