Are you addicted to giving away your power?

What would you do if you had all the power you could possibly wish for?

We all have things we want more (or less) of in life, but most of us don’t realise that we have as much power today as anyone who ever lived.

Just think for a moment about any of the great and powerful people who have ever walked the Earth: Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, Gandhi, Einstein, Confucius and so on…

It can be helpful to remember that none of them was born any more powerful than you!

So why is it that if we are all born equally powerful that some of us appear to possess more power than others?

Is it because we forget that we are born powerful and simply don’t express it?

Or perhaps it’s because we divert, misdirect or diffuse our power into other places…

Did you know…our relationships are one of the main ways we try to access more (or less) of our own power!

This is understandable as we literally couldn’t survive without them, so most of us have been trained to believe that our relationships need to sustain us so we can feel good.

For example, if someone is rude or unkind to us, we might feel angry or upset – and conversely if someone is kind or generous, we may feel happy or blessed.

But this means we are relying on the way others treat us to determine how we feel, and that our personal power will always depend on external forces.

And the truth is that no-one else is ever in charge of your power, which means that no-one can else can ever give it to you – or take it away.

It’s so easy to attribute the way we feel to outside influences.

So easy in fact, that most of us have become addicted to blaming other people or situations for feeling the way that we do.

But as you have probably realised by now…no matter how hard you try, changing someone else, or their behaviour, is NEVER the answer.

So, what to do?

Chances are if you are experiencing any sort of loss of power, then even though someone else may be behaving badly, on some level you too are playing your part.

And THAT is what is draining your power!

That’s because we tend to attract people and situations that mirror our own stories, so your true power actually lies in understanding the role YOU’RE playing in your own story.

Because then you can decide how you might like to change this story and mirror (or attract) something different.

Take the example of a critical friend or partner…

It’s easy to feel hurt or upset when you feel criticised, but what if instead of feeling judged, you acknowledged that this was simply a reflection of your own self-judgement in some way.

And that by releasing the other person from controlling how you feel…you could start to focus on new ways to bring back your sense of self-worth and with it, your personal power.

Most people have encountered a major upset or negative experience that had a significant impact in some way.

And while you may not wish to repeat this experience, it can be helpful to acknowledge that this same experience was more than likely the catalyst for ‘something better’ that occurred as a result.

That’s a great example of the power you have to change your own story, and it can be empowering to know that no matter what you’re experiencing…it is ALWAYS possible reclaim your own power, simply by shifting your perspective and taking ownership of the part you might be playing.

As only then will you be in a position to start focusing on YOU in the way that will let you decide what you want more, or less of…in your own life.

Nicola x



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