Are you afraid of failing forwards?

Most of us have heard that old saying…’the more you fail, the more you succeed!’.

But if you’re anything like me, the actual process of failing is super painful.

In fact, I hate it with a passion!

Being slightly perfectionistic (ok, maybe more than just slightly!) I totally dread that clumsy part of the learning process that comes with failing & getting all messy, despite that the fact that as a highly qualified Professional Coach it’s exactly what I encourage my clients to do.

Ironic right?

And believe me, I’m still working it…even after all these years of practising how to be really great at what I do…and having to endure all the ‘less then super-gifted’ coaching sessions it took me to get there.

And yet, none of the what I’ve have achieved, and none of the amazing results people are now able to experience through working with me would have happened without this.

So what can I tell you?

Yes, I still HATE ‘failing forwards’ but I also know from experience it’s the only way to go.


So, one of the secrets I’ve discovered if you hate it half as much as I do is to find someone who can at least help you through it with ease and grace.

Not only does this take the pressure off and make it a lot more fun, it also helps you to move through the ‘learning to walk…and then run’ phase so much faster.

Plus if they’re any good at what they do, they will make you feel like a champion for making a mess of things…instead of beating you up, which is what we tend to do to ourselves.

Because it’s one thing to fail and make mistakes – and then keep making them…

And it’s something completely different to use them  to ‘fail forwards’ which is the name (and aim) of the game!

Maybe you’re already doing a great job of failing-away on your own but you’re starting to feel tired and worn out by it all.

Or perhaps you’re tired of battling all the usual ‘BS’ at work, or at home, and you’re ready to take the lessons – and MOVE ON!

Whatever the case, if you’d like some support to start failing forwards so you can make the changes you want and gain the traction you need…then I’d love to be your guide.

Oh, and btw – only people with proper ‘failure moments’ need apply!

So if that sounds like you, simply click below and register for a FREE 30min chat – and let’s do this!

Nicola x



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