Are you finally ready to find ‘your thing’?

I remember the day I got kicked out of my big corporate J.O.B. and became a Coach.

Well, I didn’t actually know that I wanted to be a Coach at the time.

All I knew was that I’d been running on empty for a while, even though deep down I knew I was destined for ‘more’…

So I soldiered on until that day of reckoning came when seemingly out of nowhere, things literally blew up!

Suddenly, I went from cruising to the top of one of the biggest media companies in the country to being marched off the premises like yesterday’s trash.

It was a tough time & a massive jolt to my ego!

But in hindsight it was also probably one of the best things that ever happened to me because it forced me to slow down and take a good long look in the mirror to figure out exactly WHO I wanted to be.

Which was when I decided that NOW was a good time to become clear on ‘my purpose’ so I could align myself with what truly mattered…to me!

Only it turned out that it took me the best part of the next 2+ years to figure it out.

And more importantly, there was very little to point me in the right direction other than career advisors, or books on how to find your passion (which didn’t really help!), or the odd personal development workshop.

But eventually I stumbled across this thing called executive coaching which seemed to point me in the right direction and eventually helped me to figure it out.

So, for the past 25 years I’ve worked as a Professional Coach with a passion for helping people in business to follow a simple step-by-step process so they can become clear on their purpose – in a practical sense – and find a new type of fulfilment in their work & personal lives.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, if you’ve been experiencing something similar and you know in your own bones that it’s time for a change, but you’re not sure what that means or how to go about it.

Then first of all, most people reach this point at some time in their lives when for whatever reason their current scenario no longer fits in quite the same way.

Maybe this is because something changed – or maybe you changed – but either way there will always be scores of people claiming that if you simply follow the same steps they took, then you too will find your ‘happily ever after’.

And while it can be tempting to follow the same pathway as somebody else, the truth is that everyone is different and what worked for someone else won’t necessarily work in the same way for you.

That’s because what you’re really seeking is an energetic shift which will give you access to a whole new set of perspectives which in turn will bring about a natural change in your current momentum.

Which is why you can’t find it in a book, or on a shelf, or anywhere else that’s ever been discovered before as what you’re really looking for is 100% entirely unique…to you!

And once you can become clear about exactly what that means, you’ll be able to decide for yourself the next steps to choose.

The point is that when it comes to finally finding ‘your thing’, it’s not so much about taking any particular pathway in-life as it is about discovering what lights up your soul so you can use this to transform into the best possible version of YOU.

Because once you do that, not only will you have found ‘your thing’ but you will also know exactly what you want to do with it!

Nicola x



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