Are you ready to claim your ‘magic’?

As an experienced Coach, there comes a time when you KNOW you’re ready to take your business to the ‘next level’.

In my world, that usually means that while you’re great at what you do and you have a track record of delivering mind-blowing results for your clients, it’s now it’s YOUR turn to step-up and claim your ‘magic’ so you can embrace the power of the transformation you bring!

And believe me I know how this one goes…

NEWS ALERT: Expert Coach with years of professional experience, does great work for clients who all think she’s amazing and yet…still can’t use it to create what SHE truly wants!

Oh the sleepless nights, the hair pulling at my desk, and the serious moments of self-doubt wondering if it’s ever going to truly happen while constantly thinking ‘if only I could just get over the hump!’

But what hump?

There seem to be so many!

So after some serious investments in – well, pretty much everything – it finally (and I mean FINALLY!!!) clicked! 
And that was that it wasn’t so much about practising my ‘magic’ as it was about BE-ing my ‘magic’!!!

Lights on, new world view…everything starts to FINALLY make sense and change RAPIDLY! 🏆

So what changed?

Now this might sound like a simple transition to make, but it’s not…and it literally held me back for years!

And it may also sound strange to think that we each have ‘magic’ inside of us that we are accomplished at practising in the service of others…AND YET we still don’t know how to claim this for ourselves. 💁‍♀️

But it’s true nonetheless, and it’s also the reason why so many coaches who do truly great work ALSO find it so hard to define.

So, here’s the rub…

Even though most of us KNOW there’s big magic in the work that we do, on some level we still feel unclear about exactly what that ‘magic’ is!

Which makes perfect sense because in my experience most people have a personal blindspot when it comes to being able to truly recognise what’s so unique and special about who they truly are…and therefore what they have the power to truly create! 🤩

And that’s partly because what makes it ‘magic’ in the first place is that it’s usually something we do intuitively, even though we may use certain practical strategies, or tools to get a specific result.

Which is also one of the main reasons we find it SO hard to pull down for ourselves i.e. it’s intuitive!!!

And it’s also partly because – believe it or not – there’s a HUGE difference between working our ‘magic’ on others and being able to truly embody our ‘magic’ ourselves.

Because, the truth is that if you want to discover the ‘secret sauce’ that lights up your soul and sits at the heart of the transformation you offer, then you’ll need to embody this transformation yourself!

Which is not so much about SEE-ing your ‘magic’ (although you’ll need to do that first!)…as it is about BE-ing your ‘magic’.

And that’s the REAL SHIFT – right there! 🧚‍♀️

Or in other words, claiming your ‘magic’ is a ME job – not a ‘fix your business’ job – which will require a perspective shift so you can step-up & claim this GOLD for yourself!

And the best part is that once you make it, not only will you be more magical  but you’ll also understand how to use it to shift your business to the next level!

If you’d like to know more, I have an amazing 12-week program which has been specifically designed for experienced coaches who are beyond ready to remove the blindspot and claim their ‘magic’ once and for all…just register via one of the links below for a quick chat to make sure it’s a fit.

To your magic! ❤️

Nicola x



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