Do you want more energy?

In today’s world it seems like we are forever looking for better ways to manage our energy, which often means trying to find new ways to boost it – versus harness it.

And so we often use things like caffeine, vitamin supplements and various other sources – but what if you could find a natural source that actually gave you energy on a daily basis?

These days, most of us know that there is more to life than simply going about your daily routine and crossing things off the to-do list.

So what if I told you that doing what you ‘can-do’ i.e. the to-do list! actually uses up your energy – whereas harnessing your ‘love-to’ will actually GIVE YOU ENERGY!

And that becoming crystal-clear about where your personal brilliance lies…is the key to understanding the difference.

So how does it work?

Most of us understand that within each of us lives a unique ‘spark’, which can inspire us to be, do or have…anything we want!

And once we understand how we can tap into this for ourselves, we will gain access to entirely new levels of fulfilment…which brings with it a whole new sense of excitement and possibilities.

Most of us have had moments of feeling like this – when all of a sudden everything just makes perfect sense, things come easily, and whatever we’re focusing on just seems to ‘flow’.

And when we’re in this state; work feels like play, tasks that normally feel like effort feel easy…and somehow anything feels possible.

But for many of us these moments are fleeting…

So what if you could harness this state and live from that place more of the time?

Just look around, there are many who do it already…and these are the people we tend to emulate and take our guidance from…

And that’s fine to some extent – but the problem is that nobody else can do YOU…like you!

And so there comes a time when if you want to create more of the type of energy you’re seeking, you will need to start harnessing more of your ‘love-to’ so you can activate your ‘spark’ in a way that nobody else can do…quite like YOU!

Now…to be clear, I’m not talking about giving up all your responsibilities and just doing whatever you feel like all day…

Rather, I’m talking about re-focusing how you focus on those responsibilities so that you can start to re-engage with them through the lens of whatever matters most…to YOU.

And then, as you naturally begin to discover what you need to do more – or less of – you will be able to reframe and let go of those things that no longer serve you.

And then as you begin to align more of who you are with what you do, you will be guided toward new choices and avenues to take you further in the direction of whatever it is you REALLY want.

You see, leveraging your spark is not about ‘doing’ more – in fact, it actually means doing less and ‘being’ more of who you really are.

And then…no matter how much energy you spend, it will come back to you exponentially as you re-claim your sense of purpose and find the inspiration you need!

Nicola x



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