Do you want more energy?

In today’s world it seems like we are forever looking for better ways to manage our energy, which often means trying to discover new ways to boost it – versus harness it.

Of course, we also often try to ‘borrow’ it by using things like caffeine, vitamin supplements and various other sources – but what if you could find a natural source that actually gave you energy on a daily basis?

‘Busy’ people often spend their precious time running around and managing the endless ‘to-do’ list, while never really finding the type of momentum they want.

So what if I told you that doing what you ‘can-do’ i.e. the to-do list! uses up your energy – whereas leveraging your ‘love-to’ will actually GIVE YOU ENERGY!

And that becoming crystal clear about where your true gifts and talents lie is the key to understanding the difference.

So how does it work?

Most people I talk to agree that within each of us exists a unique ‘spark’ that represents who we truly are…at our very best.

And that this spark will not only reveal what brings out the best in you, but also what you enjoy most…as it is where your true fulfilment lies.

So discovering this will allow you to harness more of your ‘love-to’ so you can activate that ‘one-thing’ that nobody else can do quite like YOU!

Now…to be clear, I’m not talking about giving up all your responsibilities and just doing whatever you feel like all day…

In fact, believe it or not, you would soon get bored of that too!

Rather, I’m talking about re-focusing how you focus on your current responsibilities so that you can start to re-engage with them through the lens of whatever matters most…to YOU.

As believe it or not, even the most mundane tasks can take on a whole new perspective when viewed through this larger lens.

And then, as you naturally begin to discover what you need to do more – or less of – in context of what REALLY matters, you will be able to reframe and let go of those things that no longer serve you.

And the best part is that you will be able to do this without all the usual associated guilt that often goes along with the seemingly important ‘must-do’ tasks on your list.

And then as you start to align more of who you are with what you do, you will be guided toward new choices and avenues to take you further in the direction of wherever it is you REALLY want to go.

You see, leveraging your spark is not about ‘doing’ more – in fact, it actually means doing less and ‘being’ more of who you really are.

And that means that no matter how much of your energy you spend, it will come back to you exponentially in terms terms of personal fulfilment as you re-claim your sense of purpose and make the changes you’ve been seeking all along!

Nicola x



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