Do you want more energy?

In today’s world it seems we are forever looking for better ways to manage our energy, which often means trying to discover new ways to boost it – versus expend it.

Of course, we often try to ‘borrow’ it by using things like caffeine, vitamin supplements and various other drug concoctions – but what if you could find a natural source that replenished your energy on a daily basis?

‘Busy’ people often spend their precious time running around all day in ‘get the job done’ mode, while juggling the never-ending to-do-list.

But what if I told you that doing what you’re good at (your ‘can-do’) actually uses up your energy.

Versus doing what you truly love (your ‘love-to’)…which GIVES YOU ENERGY!

And that by focusing on doing more of what you ‘love-to’, you will naturally discover where your personal brilliance lies, which is the key to understanding the difference.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

To be clear, I am not talking about giving up all your responsibilities and just doing whatever you feel like all day.

Rather, I’m talking about re-focusing HOW you want to focus on those responsibilities so that you can re-engage with them through the lens of whatever matters most…to YOU.

And once you’re able to do that, you will naturally discover what you need to do more (or less of ) so you can reframe, or let go of, those things that are no longer serving you.

Discovering what brings out the best in you is also the key to unlocking your personal brilliance.

Everyone is brilliant at ‘something’, but what does that mean for you?

So many people know what they’re good at, but they don’t know what they’re brilliant at.

And there’s a huge difference…

Discovering your personal brilliance will finally allow you to hone-in on that ‘one-thing’ that nobody else can do quite like YOU!

And then, not only will you be able to capture your inner-genius with crystal-clear certainty…you will also be able to determine the exact next steps to take with a new sense of clarity and confidence.

And this will allow you to leverage more of your ‘spark’ so you can create more of whatever it is you REALLY want!

Nicola x



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