The mind-blowing power of ‘focus habits‘!

By now, most of us know that whatever you focus on…you get more of!

For example, if you’re thinking about taking a holiday, you will start seeing travel specials and holiday ideas everywhere…

Or if you’ve been thinking about someone lately, you may suddenly receive a call from them…seemingly out of the blue…

These sorts of things can seem like co-incidences – but they’re not!

And, of course the opposite is also true, that if you’re focusing on something negative…this may also start to appear.

Things like…maybe you’re worrying that you won’t have enough money to pay the bills and then suddenly you’re hit with a fine, or something else you weren’t expecting!

Yes, the saying…’it never rains, it pours…’ is certainly true when it comes to the power of focus.

So much so…that if we only knew how to harness this for ourselves in a more consistent & powerful way – then we could pretty much have whatever we want!

So…why don’t we know how to do this?

And the simple answer is…that while focusing on whatever you want sounds like a straightforward idea, in reality it’s not quite so easy to do…

And here’s why…

The first reason is that often when we think we know how to focus on something we want, we’re actually focusing on what we don’t want i.e. we want more money…so we focus on money…but energetically we’re really focusing on not having enough.

And so, as expected…we get more of what we’re focusing on…less money!

Or maybe we’ve been focusing on finding a new romantic partner, but what we’ve really been thinking about is how it feels to be missing one, and so we struggle to meet anyone new…

You see focusing is an energetic thing and you will attract more of wherever your energy is flowing…every…single…time.

The second reason is that even when we decide that we’re going to focus on something we want in the ‘right’ way i.e. not on the absence of it…this is often REALLY hard to do without somehow ‘forgetting’ and then returning to your usual patterns of thought…

You see, we’re all creatures of habit and that also goes for what you think about…so if you want to change the way you focus…you have to change the way you think by developing some new ‘focus habits’!

So, what are they and how do they work?

Well it’s a bit anything else…

For example, maybe you decide you want to get fit and healthy for summer, so you get all motivated and start training for a week or two, fill the fridge with healthy foods and buy yourself a juicing machine…

Great start!

But then life-as-usual (i.e. your previous habits!) get in the way and before you know it, you’re back to your same old routines as the new training schedule drops off…and the fridge lies empty…

And your thoughts work in much the same way…

Which means that even though you may decide you want to focus on something new, this can just as easily slip from the radar as your regular thought patterns take over…

So if you want to change your current reality, then you need to create a new way to practise your focus into ‘be-ing’.

And that’s where the power of ‘focus habits’ come into play…so you can create new habits of thought to bring you more of what you want!

You see it’s not the big, bold moves that make the difference in-life…it’s the small, every day, consistent actions that build the momentum you’re seeking…over-time.

Or in other words; practise, practise, practise…but in this instance we’re talking about practising how you think!

First thing in the morning is the best place to start…right before your usual patterns of thought kick in and the daily ‘rush’ takes over…which may also involve getting up just a little earlier (only 20mins!) so you can create some all important ‘focus-time’…for you!

Maybe this means sitting quietly and listening to some calming music while you think about what you want, or doing some meditation, or yoga, or being mindful while exercising, or journaling…it doesn’t really matter…just as long as you quiet your mind enough to focus on whatever you want…so you can practise the habit of turning your thoughts into things.

So, what do you want more of in your life?

More fun, wealth, balance, wellbeing, love, adventures…

And is it worth spending just 20mins/day to start giving it some daily energy by creating a new ‘focus habit’…so you can bring it to-life?

Maybe just try it out for a week or so to see what happens…and keep an eye out for any evidence to suggest that you’re on the right track…which of course will help you to focus on it further!

The trick is to start out with something simple and to make sure you’re focusing in the ‘right’ way – which is all about feeling good about whatever you’re thinking about as you imagine stepping into the feeling of what it will feel like to have it (versus not having it)!

But whatever you decide, make sure to BE CONSISTENT…so this becomes a new habit…and then watch what happens…

Nicola x

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