How to adjust to the new ‘normal’

I’ve always been good in a crisis.

You know, one of those people that just gets really calm and knows exactly what to do.

I don’t know where that came from, because I also freak out about some of the most ridiculous things; like my kids spilling food on my beloved couch, or someone cutting me off in traffic, or a whole bunch of other silly things that when it all comes down to it…don’t matter at all!

But these past few weeks, like most people, have really tested me and for a while there I felt completely off-guard.

In fact, I didn’t even realise how much I was getting pulled into it all until I found myself eating things I wouldn’t normally eat, finding it hard to focus, making irrational decisions, worrying about the future and starting to lapse in a whole range of other areas that I’ve worked really hard to maintain.

So even though I managed to avoid hitting the supermarket shelves like it was my last day on earth and getting caught up in toilet-paper purchase mania, I’ve been surprised by just how much it’s had an impact on me.

But I’m onto it now…

I’m onto the fact that the world is going through something ‘big’, but that it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

And that even though this may currently SEEM like it’s one of the worst moments in time ever…it’s not!

In fact, there are also some surprising benefits to what’s going on right now, like people singing and cheering from their balconies in Italy, dolphins appearing in the clear water canals in Venice, clear blue skies opening up across China.

And of course, it’s also been a great opportunity to check in on your neighbour and reconnect with family and friends, while find new and innovative ways to take care of each other.

Which all helps me to understand that what we’re going through together is just another moment in-time, and that for now – rightly or wrongly – it’s fast becoming our new ‘normal’.

So the sooner we can accept it for what it is and start rising to the new challenges being presented to us, the better!

Human beings have a long history of pulling together in tough times and displaying great courage & resilience when under threat…and this is no different.

And yes, I know that it’s super hard not to get pulled into the overriding sense of panic & fear when every time you check your social media, or turn on the TV, you constantly hear how the world is falling apart.

But it’s not, and we WILL all get through this.

And right now, we have a choice to get through it together & well, or badly by acting out and only thinking of ourselves as we scramble to ‘survive’.

So, I’ve decided to see this as one of the world’s great invitations to ask myself what I can do to step up…and not down.

And yes, there are some very simple and obvious things we can all do like minimising our physical exposure to those around us, practising great self-care in terms of boosting our immune systems and ensuring we keep super squeaky clean hygiene habits, and following all the rest of the great advice that’s currently available.

But above and beyond that, I think one of the most important things we can do is to find our own sense of meaning in all this, by asking ourselves what we’re being called on to do differently?

Because as we each find our own answers, we can start acting and behaving differently in order to become even better versions of who we were always meant to be!

Which also means accepting that for now, we are where we are, which is being challenged by a great opportunity to rise up and shine through the experience of it all.

Because when the dust settles – and it will – we’ll have either shrunk, or grown, in direct proportion to the amount of courage we’ve shown!

Nicola x



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