If not now…then when?

Have you ever imagined that you will do, be or have something you really want…one day?

I think most of us have…

I know I always imagined that I would finally achieve the type of personal confidence and business success I really wanted when I was finally ‘ready’…one day.

And then one morning I woke up and realised…’Hey wait, that’s probably now!’

It’s so much easier than you may think to find yourself waiting for ‘someday’ – you know that perfect moment in time when everything is supposed to line up, as if by magic, and you finally feel confident and ready to take on the world…which of course never comes.

Did you know…that this is in fact the no.1 regret of a majority of people as they reach the end of their lives?

…that they didn’t take more risks to discover what they were truly passionate about and pursue it, while they still had time.

Instead, like most of us – they did what was expected and followed the ‘norm’ instead of finding a way to live on more of their own terms!

So why do we hold back on doing more of what excites us?

I think it’s partly we get so caught-up focusing on all the day-to-day ‘stuff’ that has to be done i.e. the daily routine, that we simply forget to look up and focus on those things that might actually lead us to where we want to go.

This can include things like; being more creative, exploring new avenues, meeting new people, taking more risks, doing more of what really excites us, asking questions versus solving problems, doing things simply for fun, saying no to things we don’t love etc.

Which is ultimately about having the courage to discover what truly inspires us so we can become more of who we really are (versus who we think we should be!).

And this often means finding the self-confidence to ‘show up’ into your true gifts and talents…without fear of judgement!

I don’t know about you, but I have always admired the courage of those who (ready or not!) are already putting themselves ‘out there’.

And of course, that means others will inevitably comment, or pass judgement from the safety of their well-hidden back-row seats…

Yes, being more of who you REALLY are…can be super-scary.

So scary in fact that most of us never really give it a good go.

But if not now…then when?

And to be honest, what are you waiting for…

Because believe me, there will never be a ‘perfect time’ to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – and you will never be ’ready’!

But what are we all here for, if not to discover what makes us unique, and discover new ways to bring our magic forward into the world around us…

So, if you’ve been thinking about exploring more of your natural gifts and talents, or seeking that next level of personal fulfilment, or making some sort of change you’ve always dreamed about…then I’m here to tell you that the time is NOW!

After all, what have you got to lose – more of the same?

And to be frank…what’s it going to cost you to give it a try…a bit of discomfort maybe while you practise being more courageous?

Just ask yourself how much it’s actually costing you to ‘mark time’ as you trade your precious life for playing smaller than you were designed to be!

Life is short and is meant to be an adventure.

Those who ‘win’ are the ones out there taking risks, making mistakes and risking the common fear of feeling ‘judged’ simply for endeavouring to be more of who they REALLY are.

We all know deep down that each of us has something entirely unique to offer, so the sooner you get on with figuring out what that might mean for you…the better.

And guess what – figuring it out is all part of the process and it’s doubtful that you’ll nail it perfectly straight away.

So if you’ve been thinking about making a step-change and stepping out of your comfort zone to risk making your ‘someday’ today…

Then congratulations – here is your free-pass which gives you full permission to stuff it up, get it wrong, feel less than perfect and take all the time you need…because ‘he or she who dares – wins’!

See you out there…

Nicola x



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