Is authenticity the secret to self-confidence?

Authenticity is something that many of us imagine ourselves to be good at.

After all, surely we are nothing else if not ourselves – right?

Most of us would probably name ‘authenticity’ as a desirable attribute, and we can probably suggest any number of role models who represent this quality for us.

However, authenticity is not so much about being yourself as it is about living according to what you most believe in.

And funnily enough, that can be a little trickier to do…

One of the easiest ways to step into your authenticity is to get clear on the unique set of personal values we each hold most important.

Values are the qualities we most admire and believe in.

They are also powerful motivators of behaviour and are behind most of what we think, feel and do – even when we don’t realise it.

Many of us have similar values, but even though you may have some of the same values as someone else – the meaning you give to yours will be completely unique to you.

For example, most of us believe in things like honesty, respect, love and courage…but what do these REALLY mean for YOU?

And more importantly, how do you want to bring them to life in a practical sense.

Illuminating and living in accordance with your values is the essence of what practising authenticity really means.

So what does this have to do with self-confidence?

Have you ever lacked the confidence to speak your truth, or believe in yourself ?

Or perhaps you have struggled to express your creativity, or set healthy boundaries with friends or family members?

This is true for most people, but the real issue is that most of us are not naturally confident to be ourselves.

Most of us understand that a majority of what we experience comes down to what we believe in.

So, it stands to reason that the more you believe in yourself, the more confidence you will have.

However, beliefs can be tricky things, as we tend to believe that these are somehow “set” within us in– but this is not the case.

In fact, many of our beliefs have actually been handed down to us by others (such as teachers or parents or other role models) and are not even our own.

So, it can be helpful to understand that our beliefs are NOT set or hard-wired and are simply thoughts we keep thinking…over-and-over.

And the more you practise these thoughts, the more you believe them…and so on.

So, what better way to start believing in yourself than to work out what you TRULY believe in, and then start practising that (over and over) instead?

After all, it stands to reason that the more you understand what you REALLY believe in, the more confidence you will have!

Nicola x



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