Is your career path really ‘you’?

Most of us grow up thinking about what we want to ‘be’ when we grow up.

Then, as we get older we start describing ourselves in this way – usually in response to the ‘so, what do you do?’ question.

I don’t know about you, but I have always struggled to define myself like this.

And yet, what we ‘do’ is probably where we spend a majority of our time, and that old saying ‘you are what you do…’ still has a fair ring of truth to it.

So why do we often struggle to define ‘who we are’, by what we do?

Maybe it’s because for many of us, ‘what we do’ has less relevance than we would like in terms of capturing who we really are…

Take the person who has always followed the career pathway they believed to be ‘right’ one, only to figure out somewhere along the way that it’s not really what they want to be doing at all.

So now what?

Turn back, start again…or try to reconcile continuing along a career path they know in their heart is no longer right for them.

Or what about the person who is ready to give it their all but is still struggling to figure out what to apply it to.

Maybe they don’t feel especially passionate about anything or they’re unsure about where their real strengths lie.

Or perhaps they had answers in the past, but now they’re not sure where they’re going – and so they feel stuck.

And finally, there are those of us who do feel clear about where it is that we’re meant to be going but are having a hard time turning it into a viable reality.

So confusing!

And maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who’s currently right ‘on-track’…and if so, congrats!

But if not, then you’re not alone, and in fact you’re in very good company alongside a majority of the population…who are all still trying to figure it out.

In all my years of working with ‘busy’ professionals, this constant quest has inevitably raised the same question…‘how can I do more of what inspires me and use it to create a successful living (life)?’

It’s not always easy…but it’s most definitely possible if you can simply unlock that ‘one-thing’ that NOBODY else can do quite like you a.k.a. your personal brilliance.

Everyone is brilliant at ‘something’ and discovering this with crystal-clear certainty can be one of the biggest game-changers.

This can mean the difference between spending your days ‘on-repeat’ versus powering up your inner-genius and re-claiming your ‘where to from here’ with clarity and confidence.

Knowing what you stand for is power, but being crystal-clear about how to leverage it in a practical sense is ‘genius’!

So, if you’d like to know more about how to unlock your own inner-genius so you can start doing more of what inspires you most…feel free to download my ‘5 keys to Discover Your Brilliance’ below or book in for a free chat!

Nicola x



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