Knowledge is not power!

These days, it’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘knowledge is power’ trap!

And it’s easy to understand why, as our society is literally based on the value we apply to harnessing knowledge…whether it’s through going to school and then university, or college, to purchasing books and self-improvement programs, or courses over the internet.

After all surely knowledge is power…right?


Most of us have been taught to believe that the more knowledge we acquire, the better equipped we will be to achieve whatever type of success we want out of life.

And to some degree, that’s true…

But all too often I talk to people who are still in search of what they need to learn next – versus focusing on the best way to harness more of the knowledge they already have!

So what do I mean?

Have you ever noticed, that no matter how much someone ‘knows’ that it rarely changes anything until they add the magic ingredient – which is an ability to apply it in some meaningful way!

You see, knowledge on its own is really nothing more than just a collection of interesting or potentially helpful facts, which by themselves mean relatively little.

But applied knowledge is an entirely different ball-game…and is where true momentum toward whatever you’re seeking begins.

You see someone with a small amount of knowledge and a great ability to apply it will always trump someone with a mountain of knowledge that remains dormant.

Take, for example, the person who would like to achieve a fitter & healthier lifestyle. Maybe they want to lose a few pounds so they can enhance their self-image, while also increasing their energy levels and achieving better overall health & wellbeing.

Perhaps they start out by learning about the importance of nutrition, taking a short course in understanding the different food groups to develop a healthy diet plan, while researching the benefits of various fitness routines.

That’s a great start, but as we all know (often from personal experience!) that unless they can also find a way to apply this new knowledge, then while they may ‘know better’…they may not necessarily ‘be better’ – as nothing will actually change.

So the value lies not so much in the knowledge itself, as it does in your ability to make sense of it in such a way that it becomes actionable.

Or in other words, while knowledge may be important fuel for power…the real power actually lies in HOW you are able to bring it to-life in REAL terms.

And that’s great news as it makes ‘you’ the magic ingredient…not the knowledge itself!

So what’s the best way to apply the magic ingredient i.e. you?

As a Professional Coach, the no.1 challenge I often see people facing is not so much how to acquire the knowledge they need, as it is to practically make the changes they want.

And that often requires making a mindset shift, as well as a practical one.

You see, trying to change anything significant usually requires a new point of reckoning from your current one, so the trick is to discover how to reframe your perspective in a more inspiring and actionable way.

And that usually means stepping out of your comfort zone and changing your behaviours – as well as your thinking.

You see you have to ‘do’ something different if you want to ‘be’ something different…

There are a variety of ways to do this, but a very simple way to start building this new muscle is to start by stepping slightly outside of your daily routine so you can experiment with doing things a little differently – just for the sake of it.

Just start out small with things like; driving a different way to work, or brushing your teeth with a different hand, or wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear, or drinking a different type of coffee etc.

You get the idea…

Change is change – and this will get the ball rolling – because if you want to turn knowledge into power, then you need experiment with doing things differently.

And then when you’re ready…try taking a subject that’s more meaningful to you i.e. the one you’re currently trying to solve and either take the knowledge you have and continue experimenting on your own.

Or perhaps think about investing in something, or someone, who can help you make the mindset shift you need while also encouraging you to start DOING things differently…so you can build your confidence to start actually applying it.

And then, just watch the magic happen…

Nicola x



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