My Genius Projects

The Inner-Genius Project has been specifically designed to help YOU to find your purpose so you can claim your brilliance and feel inspired to make the changes you want.

Maybe you’d like to energise or take charge of your current trajectory within a corporate career, to ensure it’s working for you – versus against you.

Or perhaps you’ve been dealing with a challenging situation (or person!) at work and you’re finally ready to shift this dynamic – once and for all.

Or maybe you’ve simply reached a natural transition point and you’re ready to decide ‘where to from here…’ but this time you want to make sure it’s what YOU really want.

Whatever the case, if you’re ready to start feeling more inspired and in-control…this one’s for you!

The People-Genius Project is for those who would like to feel more empowered in their most important relationships and breakthrough any recurring patterns, or dynamics holding you back. 

Mastering the art of dealing more successfully with others is often one of the most important and yet challenging area’s for building personal fulfilment and success.

This program will allow you to explore those people and interpersonal dynamics that have the greatest impact on you, as you discover how to have more of the type of influence you want.

So, if you’re ready to take some of your most challenging and potentially rewarding relationships to the next level…it all starts here!

The Executive Project provides a tailored 1:1 professional coaching experience for those who would like to choose their own pathway.

Maybe there’s a particular career transition, or development area you’d like to pursue.

Or perhaps there’s something more specific you’d like to achieve, like a new business goal or a promotion of some kind.

Or maybe you’re ready to clarify your own sense of purpose, so you can start feeling more inspired & in-control of navigating the type of success that you want.

This program has been specifically designed for those who want to leverage maximum impact in the area/s you want….and is for those seeking a more personalised executive coaching experience!