My Genius Projects

The Inner-Genius Project is for successful professionals who are clearly talented at what they do, to claim their highest gifts so they can enjoy an entirely new plane of success, without the time-consuming struggle!

This opportunity is for for high achievers who’ve been feeling uninspired or out of alignment with their current work-life scenario to achieve a breakthrough experience so they can transition into whatever’s going to be the best fit at this next stage of your life.

This means you now recognise that what brought you here won’t take you to where you now want to go, which is into the next dimension of your own creativity to discover what you most love doing – and spend more time doing it!

This is not so much about ‘working harder’ as it is about shifting gears into a higher orbit of achievement by making an upwards shift from your current zone of excellence into your own unique zone of genius.

The People-Genius Project takes an in-depth look at how to successfully shift your most challenging and potentially rewarding interpersonal relationships to the next level.

Navigating those relationships which have the greatest impact on you is often one of the most under-estimated & challenging areas to master, as these are the people who tend to trigger some of our deepest patterns at a subconscious level.

The People Genius Project has been specifically designed to lead you step-by-step to overcome even the most challenging relationship dynamics.

The Executive Project has been specifically designed to provide a tailored 1:1 coaching experience and will help you to focus in on those specific areas you believe will make the greatest difference.

This highly transformational experience is for successful professionals who are seeking an opportunity to create maximum impact in those area/s you most want to focus on.

Access to the Executive Project is limited and by application only…and will require a quick chat to ensure that this one is the best fit for you!