People-Genius Project

The People-Genius Project takes an in-depth look at how to successfully shift your most challenging and potentially rewarding interpersonal relationships to the next level.

Navigating your relationships with those who have the greatest impact on you is often one of the most challenging areas to master, as these are the people who often trigger some of our own patterns at a subconscious level.

And so, a particular dynamic which shows up in one area may also show up in another, or repeat over time, until you begin to understand how to navigate this in a more empowering way.

Whether it’s someone at-work, like a boss or a colleague – or someone in your personal life – your ability to successfully navigate and improve these relationships can make a huge difference.

The People Genius Project has been specifically designed to lead you step-by-step to overcome even the most challenging relationship dynamics.

People-Genius Project

The People-Genius Project is a mindset as well as a practical change program which will take your ability to deal with and influence others…to a whole new level.

You will begin by identifying those key relationships you’d like to focus on –  whether it’s someone you’re currently finding it difficult to deal with, or perhaps someone with whom you’d like to make an improvement.

You will then be guided through a series of steps, as you gain access to leading edge tools and techniques…to become a ‘relationship master’!

Plus, you will also work 1:1 with your own Professional Coach so you can apply your insights and make the changes you want in real-time.

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