Discover your personal brilliance!

It’s time to uplevel from ‘business-as-usual’…

Discover Your Brilliance!

Everyone is brilliant at ‘something’…but how many of us know how to access this in a way which truly inspires our own sense of purpose!

So what if you could become crystal-clear about exactly what this means…for you?

Claiming your brilliance will allow you to uplevel from doing ‘business-as-usual’ to design the life that you want, filled with passion & purpose.

And this will allow you to make the changes you want…in a PRACTICAL sense.

Most of us have a real blindspot when it comes to knowing where our personal brilliance lies, so it can be frustrating to not know how to access it.

And even more frustrating when you see others figuring it out, but for some reason you can’t quite figure out what this means…for you!

So, if you’re ready to discover this for yourself so you can uplevel into the new ‘you’ – then the ‘5 Keys to Discover Your Brilliance’ will show you how!

Nicola Palk

Nicola is currently based in Sydney, Australia and is a highly qualified professional coach and business mentor, as well as a successful entrepreneur who has left big-business behind…to live-her-edge!

With an extensive corporate background, Nicola is passionate about empowering those who are feeling off-track, or stuck, to feel more inspired and in-control of navigating the type of business and personal success they want, on their own terms.

As an entrepreneur, she is also passionate about championing those who are looking for a new type of personal fulfilment by charting their own trajectory, with extraordinary results.

Nicola has coached hundreds of senior business leaders from around the globe, from multinationals to medium and small-sized firms.

She has travelled extensively and worked cross-culturally, playing a leading role in the development of one of the first successful global online coaching companies.

An energised do’er, she enjoys combining her love for tangible business success with her true-gift for inspiring those within it to make a significant breakthrough in whatever’s been holding them back, while helping them to discover where their personal brilliance lies so they can reclaim their sense of purpose and unleash their inner-genius in a tangible and inspiring way.

A gifted Coach, Nicola has developed her current offerings to bring her lifetime of knowledge and skill to those in search of ‘something more’.

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The Inner-Genius Project is for those who want to claim their brilliance so you can use this to uplevel from doing ‘business-as usual’ and design the life that you want, filled with passion & purpose.

These days, it’s easy to find yourself doing more of the same (often at great personal cost!) while secretly craving something far more inspiring….something more.

But sacrificing your precious time & energy on a life, or career, that’s not bringing you EXACTLY what you want…is rarely the answer.

Instead it’s time for a new way to focus your energy, one which will allow you to uplevel into the new ‘you’ that you will need to become in order to bring about the changes you want.

Everyone is brilliant at ‘something’…but what does this mean for you?

And how can you use this to inspire your own sense of sense of purpose…in both your work & personal life.

The Inner-Genius Project will lead you step-by-step to become crystal-clear about EXACTLY where your personal brilliance lies so you can re-ignite your sense of purpose and make the changes you want with the type of clarity and confidence you’ve been seeking.

Knowing what you stand for is power but being crystal-clear about how to leverage it in a practical sense is ‘genius’!

And the Inner-Genius Project has been specifically designed to show you how…


Nicola’s Inner-Genius Program appealed to me from the outset due to the positive emphasis on each person having something worthy of discovery rather than finding a flaw to be fixed.

After years living at a hectic place and then dealing with some personal challenges, I was sensing the need for a shift, so I sought Nicola’s help to get clear about what i wanted professionally and personally.

Nicola’s program was easy to engage with, the tools and activities pin-pointed values and strengths and the follow-up sessions were jam packed with insightful moments leading ultimately to my inner genius statement.

As a result of Nicola’s program, I have become pro-active in changing direction toward a future that ‘fits ‘ and energises me.

The clarity I’ve gained during the process has been a game changer for me.

I’ve already put the wheels in motion and I’m so excited to finally be heading in the direction that feels like the most authentic fit at this phase of my life.

Thank you, Nicola – you and your program have been the key to shining the light on my inner genius!

Avril, McLaren Vale

I had worked in a corporate career for years but wanted to find something more personally fulfilling that felt like ‘me’ but had no idea what that might mean.

To be honest, I had been feeling pretty burned out for a long time, but was good at what I did and also didn’t want to compromise on any of the ‘success’ I had already built.

I finally found Nicola after a colleague referred her and was attracted to her extensive background as a professional coach within the corporate arena.

Together, she helped me clarify what’s uniquely brilliant about what I do and even more importantly, what I enjoy most and brings the real ‘me’ to-life.

This was the wake-up call!

We then addressed a few mindset issues and re-crafted my current career path, and I have since transitioned into a new role on my own terms, which is beyond exciting.

My energy levels have now gone up again and I have a clear plan and feel excited about moving forwards.

The future is bright!

Thank you Nicola – you helped me find my ‘true north’.

Anne, Seattle

I have been running my own business for years, but it was starting to feel like it was running me so I wanted to make a change but wasn’t sure where to start. 

I was fairly discouraged when I started working with Nicola. My business was ticking along but I had lost my passion for it and was mostly running it on auto-pilot.

Nothing felt fulfilling any more and I couldn’t really see my future in it, so I was starting to think about closing it down to do something else.

The Inner-Genius program really helped me to re-focus on what I wanted, which was all about understanding what I wanted to do without worrying about everyone else.

I had a couple of things to work through in terms of shifting my mindset, but once we unlocked my inner-genius, everything just fell into place.

It’s been a pretty huge eye-opener to discover what I’m brilliant at which has now helped me to turn the business into the right vehicle for me – versus the other way round.

I’ve since stepped back a bit and taken on a ‘new role’ so I can focus on bigger things as we continue to grow, so now it really does feel exciting again.

Forever grateful…

Tara, Houston

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