…discover what you most love to do & spend more time doing it


Do you believe that it’s possible to be both successful and happy at the same time?

So, why then do these often feel so far apart…

Finding your genius will allow you to combine what you love to do most – with what you do best – so you can create a new type of fulfilment in your work & personal lives.

This means we’re each born with a unique gift, or talent which points towards your greatest source of fulfilment and the difference you want to make in the world.

However, until you can become crystal clear about exactly what this means – for YOU – you’ll likely continue to believe this depends on you having to ‘work hard’!

So what if you knew how to discover this for yourself in a tangible & inspiring way so you could spend more of your time leveraging your ‘love-to’ versus practising your ‘can-do’?

Believe it or not, it’s not as hard as you think…

…and the ‘5 Keys to Discover Your Brilliance’ is a great place to start!

Nicola Palk

Nicola is currently based in Sydney, Australia and is a highly qualified master coach and business mentor, as well as a successful entrepreneur who has left big-business behind…to live-her-edge!

With an extensive background, Nicola is passionate about empowering successful professionals who’ve reached a personal tipping point to step into their own unique zone of genius so they can start feeling more inspired and in-control.

As an entrepreneur, she is also passionate about championing those who are looking for a new type of personal fulfilment by charting their own trajectory, with extraordinary results.

Nicola has coached hundreds of senior business leaders from around the globe, from multinationals to medium and small-sized firms.

She has travelled extensively and worked cross-culturally, playing a leading role in the development of one of the first successful global online coaching companies.

An energised do’er, she enjoys combining her love for tangible business success with her true-gift for inspiring those within it to make a significant breakthrough in whatever’s been holding them back, so they can uplevel from ‘business-as-usual’ to passion & purpose!

A gifted Coach, Nicola has developed her current offerings to bring her lifetime of knowledge and skill to those in search of ‘something more’.

“Your purpose is to find your gift so you can use it to transform into the best possible version of you, and help transform all those around you!”


Nicola’s Inner-Genius Program appealed to me from the outset due to the positive emphasis on each person having something ‘special’ which is ready to be discovered rather than finding a flaw to be fixed.

After years living at a hectic place and then dealing with some personal challenges, I was sensing the need for a shift, so I sought Nicola’s help to get clear about what I wanted both professionally and personally.

Nicola’s program was easy to engage with, the tools and activities pin-pointed values and strengths and the follow-up sessions were jam packed with insightful moments leading to a whole new level of clarity around my WHY and also how to move forwards in a few areas I had been thinking about for some time.

As a result of our work together I have now become pro-active in changing direction towards an exciting new future that now truly ‘fits ‘and energises me.

I’m so excited to finally be heading in the direction that feels like the most authentic fit at this phase of my life.

Thank you, Nicola – you and your program have been the key to shining the light on my inner genius!

Avril, McLaren Vale

I was ready to discover something more personally fulfilling but I had no idea what that might be…

I had been in the same role for some time but after operating at a fairly high level within my chosen career, I was reluctant to make any sudden changes.

I finally found Nicola after a colleague referred her and was attracted to her extensive business background as well as her range of experiences as a high level coach working across different industries.

I really enjoyed working through the modules to build my own knowledge and insights when it came to discovering what truly energises and inspires me, and then following these up with the 1:1 coaching sessions so we could ‘get practical’.

By the end, I felt a real shift in terms of my ‘where to from here’ and was even a little surprised to discover an entirely new area of interest which my skills were more or less perfectly suited to.

I have since transitioned into an entirely new role which is so much more ‘me’ at this stage of my career.

Thank you Nicola, for helping me to finally capture my ‘inner-genius’!

Anne, Seattle

I had been running my own business for some time but was feeling restless in terms of where it was headed and looking for a new direction.

When I first started working with Nicola, I had been more or less running on auto-pilot which meant that the business no longer inspired me and I was wondering if it was time to try something new.

After working together for just a few weeks, I soon realised that the business was doing fine and it was my own vision for what I wanted that needed to change.

This then allowed me to take a step back and re-focus on those areas where I felt I could add the most value, which turned out to be some new areas I felt really passionate about.

It was a real eye-opener to discover my ‘inner-genius’ and that the more I aligned with it, the more things made sense and the better I felt.

The way forward feels really clear & exciting now and I realise that all my hard work has created a vehicle not only to help others but also to inspire my own personal growth.

Thanks Nicola, it’s made a huge difference and I’m pleased the lights are all back on!

Ben, Houston

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