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"This Inner-Genius Quiz will help you to discover where you may be giving away your energy, versus creating it, so you can start leveraging more of your 'love-to' and less of your 'can-do'. 

Mastering the '5 Keys to Discover your Brilliance' is the first step to being able to clearly articulate what you're uniquely brilliant at so you can reclaom your sense of purpose and make the changes you want. 

Everyone is brilliant at something, and not only does this hold the key to what will bring you the most fulfilment in-life, it will also reveal the things you are best at...as these are ultimately one and the same.

Most of us have certain things we enjoy doing more than others, but how can you identify and live your life according to these?

Believe it or not, it's not as hard as you think and this Inner-Genius Quiz will show you how."

Nicola Palk, Founder of Live-Your-Edge

"I worked in marketing, but never really knew what the right role was for me. So even though I was always busy, I never felt very inspired or like I was adding any real value. So I finally decided to work out what I really wanted to do! Discovering what I'm brilliant at changed everything and gave me so much more confidence about how to make the changes I wanted. Working with Nicola was so much fun, but she also challenged me to understand where my real talents lie and make some brave moves. Since then I've moved into a new role at work, which I totally love and am now starting to specialise in what I know I do best. And I'm so much happier in every way." 
"Discovering that I have an inner-genius has been a real wake-up call. I had been working in a senior management role for more than 10 years and was feeling pretty uninspired and burned out by it all. I had always wanted to try something different but didn't really know where to start, so working with Nicola helped me to figure it all out and get clear on what I wanted to do . Life is pretty different now. I've left the corporate world behind and recently launched my own business, doing something I've always loved but never imagined might be my future career. It's all been such an adventure and I feel more excited about the future than I have been in years!" 
Would you like to know where you are leveraging your 'can-do' 
- versus your 'love-to'? 
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