Stop waiting for ‘someday’!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent quite a lot of your time imagining that ‘one day’ you’d finally be ready to step up and claim the life you’ve always wanted.

Maybe when I’m old enough, or I know enough, or I’ve achieved enough…

Only for many of us, the truth is that we’ve already reached that point, which means that even though it may not feel like it, your ‘one day’…is probably NOW!

Yes, it may shock you to realise that it’s actually here already, only you just haven’t woken up and realised it…yet!

And so you’re still waiting for…

Well, what exactly?

Just think about it for a moment.

You grow up through childhood & adolescence, study & learn whatever you need to, and then do all the usual jobs & career building activities to help you ‘get runs on the board’.

Then, as you start to build your momentum, your responsibilities increase and you find yourself working harder and harder as you continue to strive toward that magical ‘someday’.

Only, no matter how hard you try, you never seem to find quite the right balance between managing your work-life with your personal life, so that it actually feels like you’re living the life that you want!

And so, as ‘someday’ stretches further off into the distance, you find yourself hoping and praying that maybe one day you’ll wake up and find it’s finally here…so you can sit back and acknowledge that ‘Yes, it’s all been worth it!’        

But here’s the slightly terrifying question…

What if ‘someday’ never comes?

Not because it’s not possible, but because chances are that if you’re still waiting for that elusive ‘someday’ to come knocking at your door, then the truth is that you may be waiting for quite some time…

You see, whether you realise it or not, there’s only one person in control of your ‘someday’ and whether you decide it’s at the end of your life, or today, is completely up to YOU!

All too often think we need to ‘earn our stripes’, or find a level of self-belief that’s undeniable, or practise humility – or whatever else we tell ourselves – but it’s amazing how many of us put our own lives on-hold, as we wait for somebody else to whisper in our ear that ‘you’re finally ready and now is the time’.

So, why not let TODAY be the day you finally decide that now is your ‘someday’…after all I’m guessing the only thing really really standing in your way is your own self-talk that maybe ‘I’m not ready’, or ‘I don’t know enough’, or ‘I’m not good enough”…

You know the rest!

And of course, that simply comes down to your own personal mindset and recurring belief patterns – or in other words ‘it’s all in your head!’

And that’s great news, because while some of those thought patterns may have been in-place for a while, it’s also entirely possible to shift them…and there as so many great Coach’s out there who specialise in helping you to do exactly that!

So, it’s time to grab hold of your ‘someday’ and make it TODAY so you can start living your life now by shifting whatever’s been holding you back.

Maybe that’s a job, or career, you no longer love, that’s draining your energy and indicating that it’s time for a change.

Or perhaps you’ve been playing small in a certain situation, or relationship, and you KNOW you’re destined for greater things.

Or maybe you’ve been going through a period of transition and you’re ready for “what now?’…but this time you want to make sure it’s what YOU really want.

Whatever the case, if you’ve been wondering when your time would come…then I’m here to whisper in your ear that NOW is YOUR time and that your ‘someday’ is today!

Nicola x

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