Would you like to solve the ‘purpose myth’?

For a while now, I’ve been talking about how discovering your personal brilliance is the key to ‘finding your purpose’…and not the other way round.

And while there’s a process for finding your brilliance, I want to explain why so many people find this difficult to do on their own…so you can grasp this idea and then use it for yourself.

You see, most of us struggle to claim our ‘gift’ and bring this to life in the way that we’d like…

And so as we wake up each morning to face the new day, we struggle to feel inspired to jump out of bed, work feels like work, and we have this ongoing nagging feeling that somehow we’re missing ‘something’…a sense of meaning, or purpose, that feels like our ‘spark’!

Maybe we have glimpses of it in our daily lives, or perhaps we catch wind of it when we’re ‘off the clock’ doing something we love, or with people we love…but for the most part none of us really know what this means, or how to find it…in a practical sense.

And that’s because your personal brilliance sits in a blindspot for most people, which can make it almost impossible to see…even though we often see it so clearly in others.

And here’s why…

While each of us is born perfect, many of us have experiences early on in life that leave us feeling like something is ‘missing’ – a gap, or a hole of some sort – to be filled.

Maybe it was the love and acceptance you craved as a child, or a sense of belonging that was missing at school, or perhaps you experienced some sort of cruelty in your teenage years, or a friendship betrayal, or even abuse of some kind…

Whatever the case, once we (understandably!) take these experiences to heart, they can quickly turn into some of the more common feelings of unworthiness, or ‘not being enough’, or ‘not good enough’, or ‘nobody there for me’…and so on.

And so, as we grow up, and these thoughts and feelings become part of our own story…we often struggle to believe that we even have a ‘gift’…let alone a right to claim it.

But here’s the good news…

Whatever you’ve experienced in your life before now…that ‘thing’ you feel like perhaps you’ve been missing…is also your golden ticket to claim this for yourself so you can use it to transform into more of who you truly are!

You see, it’s never really been missing…you’ve just been granted an opportunity to see it for yourself, because nobody has any power over you and life has a funny way of denying your greatest gift/s so you can claim these as your own.

So the best part is that – almost always – whatever you’re craving the most – is likely a key aspect of your own personal brilliance so you can bring it to the world, first for yourself…and then for those around you!

So, THAT is how you find your purpose – by claiming your ‘gift’ so you can bring it to-life – and then use it to transform into your own inner-hero!

Nicola x

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