There’s no such thing as finding your purpose!

What if i told you that ‘your purpose’ is something you create…and not find!

And that just like the fallacy of finding ‘the one’, there’s no such thing as finding your true purpose as though it were a shining trophy on a shelf…just waiting for you to discover it.

That might sound a bit controversial for someone who helps people to claim their WHY and use this to navigate the type of fulfilment they want, but so many people experience such an overwhelming sense of pressure when confronted with this idea…that it can feel almost impossible to achieve.

So what if fulfilling your dreams was not so much about finding some pre-set destination, but instead it was about discovering the unique spark that makes you…truly you!

And that this spark will reveal the true nature of your own personal brilliance…so you can then decide what you might like to do with it.

You see finding your purpose is not so much about following any particular pathway as it is about discovering those things that bring out the very best in who you already are.

For example, maybe you have the most wonderful gift for putting people at ease and encouraging them to express things they have never clearly articulated before.

This will be something you do instinctively, and in a way that only you can, despite the fact that there may also be others who also excel in this particular skill.

The point is that once you are able to clearly articulate your gift in this way, you will have discovered your own inner-genius, which will then naturally inspire you to move you further in the direction of your ‘purpose’.

Perhaps you’ll decide to become a career counsellor for mother’s returning to work who lack the confidence to articulate their unspoken hopes and dreams, or maybe you’ll become an investigative reporter with a unique way of capturing stories from people that have never been told before.

You get the idea, that once you discover this for yourself – the choice will be completely up to you and then whatever you decide, you’ll be doing what brings out the very best in you and naturally living your purpose at the same time.

Shakespeare famously said, “the purpose of life is to find your gift, and the meaning of life is to give it away.”

So, your work lies in finding your gift, so you can harness it and then start sharing it with all those around you.

Which means that finding your purpose does NOT mean finding your lost-self and discovering some magical thing you’re meant to be doing.

Rather, it means becoming crystal-clear about the true nature of your own unique brand of brilliance so you can simply decide where you want to apply it.

And then…no matter what you decide, you will naturally be living your purpose!

Nicola x



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