Is it time for a new adventure?

The scariest part about going on a new adventure isn’t about figuring out how to get somewhere (that’s the exciting part!).

It’s more about facing the great unknown when you haven’t yet figured out exactly where you’re headed!

And while the best adventures aren’t generally the one’s which have the itinerary all neatly planned out…

You do need to have a clear idea about the destination you’re seeking so you can trust the fates to deliver the EXPERIENCE you want.

And that can be surprisingly difficult!

Not because you don’t have a few ideas about ‘where to from here…’

But because the real challenge is how to expand your current level of thinking beyond your own mental limits – so you don’t just end up creating more of the same.

Because ending up right back where you started?

Now THAT…is scary!

In fact, this is often the #1 challenge faced by most high achievers – who despite their previous success – often wind up feeling lost, or stuck, or unfulfilled.

So it can be helpful to realise that once you reach a certain point in your business, or career, that what brought you here, won’t take you where you now want to go…

…which is into the next dimension of your own creativity so you can enjoy an entirely new plane of success – without the time-consuming struggle!

And that’s because you’ve now run into your own upper-limits within your current zone of excellence (which let’s face it you’ve spent years – or even decades – achieving!) which is when you soon notice that ‘working harder’ no longer works the same way it once did…

…and that my friend, is the trap!


And this means it’s now easy to get lost in the cycle of trading results for fulfilment while wondering where your ‘spark’ seems to have gone.

Or perhaps even wondering whether or not there’s ‘something more’ out there for you while working yourself harder, smarter, faster and experiencing less rewards for your efforts.

Which are both good indicators that you’re ready for a new approach which is not so much about making incremental progress towards a particular goal as it is about taking an exponential leap into your highest potential!

Or in other words, it’s finally time for a breakthrough experience – a quantum leap – so you can shift into a higher orbit of achievement, with far less effort!

So where to start?

A breakthrough experience involves doing something different which usually goes against everything you’ve ever been taught when it comes to ‘making things happen’?!

Which means you’ll first need to figure out a way to move out of problem-solving mode and start focusing on possibilities versus limits.

This will then allow you to design a crystal clear picture for what you want to create and establish a new frame of reference for realising your dream to take things to the ‘next level’.

Next, it’s time to claim your highest gifts  – combined with your practiced strengths – so you can deliver those special dreams and adventures you’ve always held deep down inside of you.

And to do this, you’ll need to remove the blindspot and claim your own inner-genius i.e. your unique gift or talent so you can illuminate a new way forwards in a truly life-changing way.

This will then inspire you to make ‘the leap’ from your current zone of excellence into your own unique zone of genius so you can discover what you most love to do – and how to spend more time doing it!

So, if lately you’ve been feeling stuck on-repeat while secretly dreaming of ‘something more’, then all you need is an exciting new vision for that next big adventure and a courageous willingness to ‘take the leap’!

Nicola x

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