The top 3 things keeping you stuck!

Have you been feeling a little stuck lately?

We’ve all been there…

Feeling stuck doesn’t feel great, and often feels like you’re spinning your wheels and going nowhere…

And that means constantly feeling tired & frustrated, or overwhelmed…or worse.

Maybe you’ve been feeling off-track, or trapped, within a job or routine which no longer fulfils you and it’s time for something more inspiring – whatever that might be…

Or perhaps you’ve been dealing with a difficult situation at work and even though you know it’s time for a change, you’re not quite sure how to go about it.

Or maybe you’ve simply reached a natural transition point and you know it’s time for the next chapter…but you have no idea where to look or how to get there.

Feeling stuck is a natural part of life, but the trick is to get un-stuck as quickly as possible so you can create the momentum you need…and get going again.

And at times that can feel almost impossible to achieve…

So how can you break out of it when chances are that part of that stuck-ness is YOU?

Well, the good news is that it will probably come down to one of these 3 things, and once you can pinpoint it…you can get going again;


This is a big one, as chances are if you knew why you were stuck and what it is you REALLY want…then you would know how to shift it.

So most people I talk to are seeking some type of clarity of purpose…

Clarity about what they want, where to go or how to get there.

That’s because knowing what you DON’T want i.e. your stuck-ness is rarely enough to make the type of step-changes you’re seeking…because if it was, you’d already be on your way.

The part your missing is where you figure out exactly what you DO want because once you know that, chances are you will know exactly what you need to do – or at least where to start – so you can find the momentum you need to get going again!


Standing in our own way seems to be a human condition!

We go round and round in our heads, telling ourselves things that only help to keep us stuck.

And over time these become our own personal mindtraps, kind of like little trap doors within our own belief system that can hold us hostage if we fail to recognise & change them.

And these can put a serious dent in our self-confidence if we’re not awake to the games they’re playing with us.

So understanding where these lie for you, and then challenging them so you can re-claim what you TRULY believe in – versus what you’ve been telling yourself – will help you restore your self-confidence so you can breakthrough whatever it is that’s been holding you back!


Did you know…that most of us have a real blindspot when it comes to knowing where our true gifts and talents lie?

So it can be frustrating to not know how to access them!

And even more frustrating when you see others figuring it out, but for some reason you can’t quite put your finger on exactly what that means…for you!

But inside each of us is a unique ‘spark’ that represents who we truly are…at our best.

And this ‘spark is where your personal brilliance lies!

This is the true source of all your passion and inspiration and is where you will find the type of fulfilment you’ve been looking for.

And the best part is, it will also help you to find the clarity of purpose and self-confidence you’ve been seeking…so you can break out of your stuck-ness and make the changes you want TODAY.

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Nicola x



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