Is it time to uplevel into the new ‘you’?

There’s only one way to change anything in your life that requires a momentum shift.

Maybe you are dissatisfied with your current physical health and fitness and you want to achieve a higher level of personal wellbeing.

Or maybe you’re sick and tired of your J.O.B. and you want to follow your calling and do something more inspiring.

Or perhaps you’ve grown tired of a relationship which has been holding you back and you want to reclaim your sense of self and find new way of ‘be’-ing.

Whatever the case, if you want to change something that’s been holding you back…then the most important thing to understand is that this new reality is also going to require a new version of ‘you’!

Or in other words, the ‘you’ that currently exists is the one that brought you here, so if you want to shift things up a gear…then ‘you’ will need to uplevel first!

Make sense?

Most people seeking to make a change focus on where they are now, and then reach for what they want more (or less) of by figuring out what it’s going to take to get there i.e. eat less/train more, quit job/take course, dump partner/start online dating etc.

But this type of thinking is anchored in your original point of reckoning and only addresses the symptoms…

The real trick is to address the root cause, which is you!

You see if you want to experience an uplift in any particular area, then you need to experience an uplift in ‘you’…in a way which allows you to experience whatever you’re seeking – before it’s actually taken place – so you can operate from there…

Or in other words ‘believe it – and then you will see it!

That’s because no matter what type of change you’re seeking at a practical level, if it requires a different version of ‘you’…then ‘you’ will need to uplevel FIRST in order to create it!

So how can you do that?

Well there are 2 main ways;

The first involves a little imagination, which is the fun part!

This simply means finding some quiet space, away from distractions, where you can have some fun & enjoy imagining what it will feel like to step into this new version of ‘you’ as you start bringing your desired experiences to-life.

Journaling is a great way to do this, or some type of mindfulness practice, or even a walk out in nature…anything which allows your mind to experience your exciting new future – perhaps 5 years from now – when everything you could possibly want has come to pass.

Another great way is by writing to yourself as your future ‘you’ as you detail and explain all the wonderful transformations that have taken place and how this feels, what’s happening, who’s there etc.

The more you can step into this, the better because the mind can’t actually distinguish between fact & fiction, so why not ‘imagine’ what you want has already happened and then watch the universe start delivering that to you?

So, what new realities would you like to create…

And what would this look like if you were able to make all of the change/s you want TODAY, so you could fully align with your ideal vision for the new ‘you’ you’d like to become.

We all have hopes and dreams, so this is about crafting a new story – your story – as if it’s taking place right now!

The second part requires a little discomfort

Which is counter-intuitive when you think about it, as most of us go through life seeking just the opposite i.e. to be more comfortable.

But, it’s true to say that if you want to uplevel an area of your life, then you will also need to step out of your comfort zone so you can expand, and stretch and grow…

So discomfort really is your ally when it comes to making meaningful changes.

This is also where we tend to get stuck, as it can feel ‘uncomfortable’…which makes it tempting to retreat and then settle back into our comfortable old ways i.e. the ways that are keeping us stuck!

So, try and embrace this new uncomfortable feeling as being nothing more than an ‘uplevel adjustment’ so you can keep your eye on the bigger picture.

For example, if you’ve been trying to achieve a higher level of physical wellbeing maybe you decide to stop eating processed foods, or sugar…and so for a short time this will feel challenging & uncomfortable as your body has become accustomed to eating this way.

But remember, uplevel’ing always requires a period of adjustment as your body re-calibrates and upgrades to your new and improved level of personal wellbeing.

And the same goes for a new career direction, or a relationship shift…or whatever you’re trying to change.

That’s because old patterns giving way to new patterns will always require the same type of ‘uplevel adjustment’ as you shift gears and discover a new & improved version of ‘you’.

And then once you start gathering the momentum you need, those changes will come about more quickly than you can possibly imagine.

And it won’t be too long before you’re able to look back and see just how far you’ve come!

Nicola x

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