What finding your purpose REALLY means!

Finding your purpose essentially means ‘making meaning’ out of your life.

Pretty broad right?

Which is why most people I meet are still struggling to figure out how to do this in some sort of clear & tangible way.

Which is totally understandable!

So what makes us think that we’re all meant to find some exact right pathway that will finally bring us the deeper sense of meaning & fulfilment we crave?

Maybe it’s because we’ve been brought up to believe that until we discover this, we’re missing some giant piece of the puzzle that’s finally going to allow us to have everything we’ve ever wanted.

Or perhaps it’s because we think we’re all meant to wake up and discover our true place in the world, somewhere where everything finally makes perfect sense and all our dreams have come true.

But that’s not what it’s about at all…

Follow your passion.

Find your purpose.

These 2 phrases fill most of us with an overwhelming sense of dread that we’re somehow missing out on figuring out the very point of our lives.

And that worse still…we’re never going to find it!

So what if I told you that this idea of finding your purpose was just a fallacy?

And that there really is no such thing.

At least not in terms of there being some ideal destination point where everything in your life finally clicks into place and at last makes 100% perfect sense.

Because the truth is finding your purpose is more of an energetic journey – versus some practical place that needs to be found.

You see, ‘your purpose’ is simply a vehicle to inspire your own personal growth so you can evolve into the best possible version…of you!

As once you start to become a better version of yourself than you were the day before, things around you will naturally begin to change – and your life will naturally start to get better.

And by developing yourself in this way, you will then also naturally begin to inspire all those around you so that they too can evolve in much the same way.

That’s not to say you weren’t born with some unique gifts and talents to help you on your way…

You were!

Which is also good news.

Because figuring out exactly what these are – for you – is also one of the best possible ways to illuminate your own particular journey to becoming an ever more amazing version of who you already are.

But that’s all it really is…

…just a simple invitation to discover your own inner-genius – so you can use this to inspire both yourself (and all those around you) to become an even better version of who you are today.

And then, no matter what you decide – you’ll naturally be living your purpose!

Nicola x



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