So what’s your current life costing you?

We all sacrifice for what we want in-life…at least to some degree.

This can include things like; taking responsibility for those we love, attending to things which need to be done, working to afford the lifestyle we want…and the list goes on…

But at what point do you look at the bigger picture and ask yourself, “is this how I REALLY want to live my life?”

And if not, then maybe the cost is too high?!

Because at some point those sacrifices can BECOME your life if you’re not awake to the trade-off’s you’re making between what you want – and what they’re currently costing you.

Just think about it for a moment…

We all give up things that we need, to get things that we want i.e. time, money, resources etc.

But if the price of anything is really just how much of ‘you’ that you’re prepared to forego…

Then what are you really giving up, and what are you getting back in return?

Maybe you’re giving up your health and sanity for a career you no longer love, or maybe never loved.

Or perhaps you’re giving away all your precious time and energy on a relationship, or situation, which no longer serves you.

Or maybe – like so many – you’re spending each day ‘on-repeat’ as you go through the motions, while slowly trading away your own sense of ‘spark’.

Whatever the case, if you feel like you’ve been giving away more than you’re getting back…then life is short…and the cost is probably too high!

So how can you turn this around?

There are definitely times in-life when you need to soldier on.

But there are also times when you may need to wave the white flag and take a different approach.

Now by waving the white flag I’m not talking about giving up – far from it…

Instead, I’m talking about recognising the difference between when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and simply ‘get on with it’ – versus understanding when it’s time for a perspective shift so you can re-direct your focus in some way.

And this will often present as a personal dilemma, as it’s easy to get caught between the commitments you made to where you are now and knowing when it’s in your best interests to make some type of change.

Only chances are you don’t yet know what that is, or how to go about it…

And it’s at these moments that wisdom often dictates that it may in fact be time to seek a little insight & guidance from ‘beyond yourself’.

You see, we’re not designed to figure it all out by ourselves, though often when we’re struggling with something…that’s exactly what we try to do.

We try to push through…

But the challenge lies in knowing when ‘pushing through’ is only going to bring you more of what you DON’T want…versus seeking help from those who’ve perhaps stood where you now stand and/or have the knowledge & tools to help you make the changes you’d like.

Typically, this will require making a mindset shift as much as a practical one, as this generally requires an understanding of any recurring patterns that are currently serving to keep you stuck – so you can start seeing them in a new way.

And once you can do that, you will then know how begin to to transform them…to bring you more of what you TRULY want.

That may mean reaching out to a wise friend, or a mentor, or a great coach, or counsellor…or even a mastermind, or a support group of some kind so you can gain the broader perspective you need.

Whatever the case, if you’ve been trying to change something that’s been costing you more than you’d like in terms of your own personal fulfilment, or wellbeing, then the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and hoping things will miraculously change.

And that means that instead of investing all your time & energy into what’s costing you even more of your ‘joy’, then it may be time to INVEST in YOU…by investing in someone who can help you to make the real-time shifts that you’re seeking and then send you on your way.

It’s BRAVE to seek help when you need it, and not always easy to do…

But you’re worth it, and if you can find the right person (trust your instincts!) – you will thank yourself when you’re able to look back and say, “Thank goodness I did that, because look at where I am now!”

Nicola x

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