When DO-ing doesn’t work!

Ever reached for a goal or tried to make something happen?

Only no matter how hard you try, for some reason you can’t quite get there…

Whether that means conquering a new project, or developing an important relationship, or even achieving a new set-point in terms of your personal health & wellbeing.

Most of us have been brought up to believe we need to set goals in order to achieve what we want, and then we have to ‘make it happen’ by DO-ing more of whatever it takes.

And the idea is that the more you DO…the more you’ll HAVE!

And that worked pretty well at school and then at university, or college, and even during the early years of starting a new job, or building a career when we were typically rewarded for working hard.

But if you’re anything like me, at a certain point DO-ing stopped working quite so well and even started having the reverse effect in terms of balancing my work-life with my personal life.

So, if you too have found that DO-ing isn’t quite what it used to be in terms of seeking that next level of fulfilment you want…

Then you may be ready to discover a new way to BE more, so you can HAVE more, so you can start to create whatever you want!

Let me explain…

Most of the changes we’re seeking in life come with their own set of challenges.

After all, change is by its very nature uncomfortable as you’re effectively shifting the status-quo on something which has been in place for a while.

And so the temptation is to problem-solve i.e. focus on the problem and then set goals so you can jump straight into action-mode and close the gap.

The only problem is that this often ends up creating more of what you’ve already got!

You see, problem-solving from the same point of reckoning that created it will likely just produce more of the same.

Yes, as Einstein famously said, you cannot solve a problem from the same point of reckoning that created it!

So is stands to reason that if you want to change something in your life then this will require a new point of reckoning, which will also require a new version of ‘you’!

This makes total sense when you think about it, as who you are today only has access to your current level of resources.

Whereas the future you i.e. the next level version of ‘you’ will have access to an entirely new set of resources, which will then naturally open up new avenues & opportunities that you can’t currently see.

And from there, you’ll be able to reach for far more with much less effort!

So, instead of setting goals and reaching for what you don’t currently have access to, your job is to focus on WHO you’ll need to become!

And that’s not so much about finding the right strategy, or approach, as it is about BE-ing more – versus DO-ing more!

Make sense?

That it’s not so much about ‘what’ you need to do, as it is about ‘who’ you’ll need to become – which is and inside job and simply involves focusing on your own personal development.

And the best part about that is that it’s 100% within your control and you can start shifting the status-quo whenever you’d like!

Nicola x



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