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It's time to claim your brilliance!

Too many brilliant people don’t rise to the level of success they’re truly capable of because they worry that it will cost them things they don’t want to give up (usually, their personal happiness and wellbeing!)

I’ll show you how to step into your magic — so you can achieve everything you deeply desire without needing to sacrifice it all to get there.


I work with talented professionals & entrepreneurs to help them to own their innate gifts and claim their big visions, so they can step forward as empowered leaders who are fully in tune with their genius and totally in love with what they do.

Together, we help you to build on all of your past skills and experiences by taking you to a new genius-inspired level of awareness which will allow you to tap directly into the source of your own creativity and help you to choose what you want to create.

Whether you’re looking to realign your business or career and you’d like to discover a new way forwards via my Success Mastery Program or you’re a talented coach who’s ready to harness your gifts in a way which serves you via my program The Coach’s Way – it’s time to say goodbye to the idea that having to hustle or sacrifice are what you need to lead, or succeed.

Instead, it’s time to claim your own unique brand of magic, so you can decide for yourself what success means for YOU!

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This is your invitation

step into your magic

and to create what you want from a more inspired (and easeful!) place than you ever believed possible.

Success Mastery

Success Mastery is a 1:1 program for experienced professionals & entrepreneurs who’ve reached a certain level of mastery in their business, or career, and now want to step into their genius so they can discover how to create a new type of fulfilment in their work & personal lives.

Together, we redefine what you most deeply desire, not so much in terms of hard work & effort, but in ways which will allow you to access your own intuition so you can; expand your horizons beyond your own self-imposed limits, start making connections you wouldn’t normally make & gain access to more inspired perspectives.

This is not so much about making incremental progress towards a particular goal, as about taking an exponential leap into your highest potential, so you can make an upwards shift from your current zone of excellence into your own unique zone of genius where you’ll no longer find yourself;

  • trying to work harder, smarter, faster while experiencing less rewards for your efforts

  • trading results for fulfilment & wondering where your ‘spark’ seems to have gone

  • feeling lost, or stuck, or unfulfilled despite your previous successes

  • second-guessing whether or not there’s still ‘something more’ waiting for you

This is a 12-week intensive during which time you’ll gain access to a structured framework of professionally designed coaching modules as well as a series of 1:1 coaching sessions to help you to integrate your insights and map a new pathway to success in real-time.

Here’s what we cover;

Claim Your Power: start by releasing the power being held inside your own unconscious beliefs by learning how to let go of any underlying patterns or dynamics which may be holding you back

Reawaken The Dream: expand your horizons beyond your own self-imposed limits by discovering a new level of creative mastery to build an inspiring new vision for what you want to create 

Inspire Your Genius: learn how to clearly articulate your own unique  inner-genus by becoming crystal clear on what you truly believe in i.e. your personal WHY and create your personal blueprint

Tipping The Scales: start shifting your focus from your current reality i.e your unconscious belief’s to discovering new ways to focus your power on bringing about your own hopes & dreams

Gaining Momentum: gain a new type of traction to create the things that you want by learning how to tune in & trust your own inner-guidance as you master the art of making choices serve you

success mastery course program

The Coach's Way

The Coach’s Way is a 1:1  program for experienced coaches who know they’re gifted and brilliant at what they do, but don’t know how to clearly express the magic they offer  in a way which will allow them to use it to create a business they love.

This is not so much about the mechanics of building a business (although we do focus on this in a more magical way!) as about inspiring you to discover what you TRULY BELIEVE in so you can harness your own unique gifts in a way which serves YOU.

This program will inspire you to own the unique transformation you offer by helping you to combine your more intuitive gifts with the tangible structure you need so you can use this to step into your ultimate calling and attract more of the types of clients you want.

executive project professional coaching business

This program will provide you with access to a structured framework via a series of interactive coaching modules – as well as your own personalised 1:1 coaching sessions

Here’s what we cover;

1. Become clear on the unique brand of magic you offer by becoming crystal clear on what you truly believe in i.e. personal WHY so you can harness you gifts in a way which serves YOU

2. Learn how to combine what you do intuitively – with what you do practically – so you can embrace the unique transformation you offer and claim the tangible outcomes you know how to provide

3.  Master the 3 biggest reasons most coaches are hiding their gifts so you can overcome your underlying fear of ‘being seen’ and start sharing your message in a way which feels inspiring & easy

4. Learn how to re-focus your power by understanding how to tune in & trust your own inner-guidance as you learn how to master the art of making choices that serve you 

5. Gain a new type of momentum by understanding how to combine magic with strategy so you can take your business to the next level and create a sustainable blueprint moving forwards


“Nicola’s unique combination of science and sensitivity helps develop entirely new pathways and accelerates professional development at the highest levels!”

Her thorough understanding of what makes senior leaders tick, combined with her in-depth knowledge of how global organisations operate, means that her nimble methodology and skilled coaching never fail to deliver. Not only does she have a natural gift for opening new pathways of discussion and addressing challenging situations, but she uses these to create meaningful and life-changing shifts in performance.
Director of Commercial (IHG Japan)
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