So you want to ‘pivot’ but you don’t know how!

We’ve all heard the term ‘pivot’ alot lately, which isn’t really anything new…

It’s just that more people are thinking about how to do it right now as a result of everything that’s been going on.

But one of the biggest challenges with trying to ‘pivot’ is that if you’re not clear on where you’re headed, then it can be confusing to figure out how to get there.

And that’s because knowing what you DON’T want – and knowing what you DO want are two very different things.

Knowing what you DON’T want e.g. your current scenario, while it might no longer be viable (or comfortable), is still what you’re the most familiar which is why we often find it far easier to focus here i.e. better the devil you know!

Add to that, that from a young age we’re all trained to problem-solve our way through life and it’s not hard to see why most of us constantly find ourselves feeling drawn back towards something which feels intuitively familiar.

So, what you’re really seeking is a momentum change, which is also why it feels so challenging i.e. it’s always more challenging to turn the ship around than to simply decide to go left or right

Did you know that professional racing drivers are trained that when they start to lose control of their car and it’s veering off the track and heading for the wall…

…that they need to steer AWAY from what they fear the most i.e. the wall by re-directing their attention back out onto the open track?

Or in other words, they’re trained to focus on what they DO want (life) – versus what they DON’T want (death).

And it’s the exact same principle when it comes to pivoting!

Which means that rather than focusing on whatever’s not working, you need to train your focus towards your new & improved situation i.e where you want to go

But there’s a catch…

Because you might not be 100% clear on that just yet.

Which is OK, because you may remember this is not so much about setting goals and trying to reach them…that’s still problem solving!

But instead, what you’re really looking for is a way to change your perspective so you can define ‘the shift’ you’re trying to make so you can get back out onto the open-track!

And that’s about training your focus to start stepping into your new future as if it’s already happening NOW!

So, try imagining the future version of what you’d like more – or less of – in your own life right now where everything you could possibly imagine has already come to pass.

Or you could perhaps picture yourself achieving something you REALLY want (that makes you feel super-excited!) and then imagine how you will feel AFTER you’ve achieved it.

Either way, once you start to visualise more of what you DO want (versus what you DON’T want) you’ll begin to create a new point of reckoning and then it’s time to ask yourself, ‘what’s one small step I could take today to move me ever so slightly in this new direction?’

And then guess what?

You’ll be pivoting!

Nicola x



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