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Step into your purpose, embrace your unique gifts, and do work that truly lights you up!

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Are you ready to step into your magic?

Sign up for my new mini-course Visible Magic to learn how to clearly express the magic you offer so you can feel inspired to show up and start sharing your message in a way that allows your unique gifts to be seen!

(Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to take advantage of a very limited time offer to book in for your own personalised ‘Ignite My Magic’ Power Session!)


You're looking for more...

You’re wildly talented at what you do — but longing to make more of an impact.

Because deep down you STILL haven’t figured out how to show up in your magic.

I’ll show you how to tap into it and effortlessly weave it into all that you do.

It's time to become clear on your purpose...

What would it feel like to step into your zone of genius, embrace your unique gifts, and do work that truly lights you up?

And how would it feel to be able to be able to ditch the self-sacrifice and ‘work harder’ mindsets you’ve been conditioned to accept — so you can finally embrace your own life’s true calling in a way that truly speaks to your soul?

Let’s find out, shall we?


Welcome to a world where we tear up the old rulebook for success.

I’m Nicola Palk, and I’m here to help you put more of your magic into the way you do business.

Twelve years ago, I co-founded one of the world’s first online executive coaching companies and helped develop it into a multimillion-dollar business that pioneered a new approach to inspiring leaders at the highest levels

What I discovered along the way was that: self-sacrifice, hard work, long hours and stress are the unspoken recipe for success for most people in business – only this approach just kept burning me out! 

That’s when I decided to start doing things differently.

Only it wasn’t that easy…to walk away from that business and all the ‘success’ I’d been so determined to build.

Because, despite all my years as both a leader & coach, I STILL couldn’t figure out how to step into my MAGIC.
That’s when I finally realised that the harder I tried – the LESS magic I felt.
Whereas once I became clear on what I TRULY BELIEVED in i.e. my own personal WHY – the more I began to OWN my unique gifts in a way that allowed me to start trusting myself!
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“My work with Nicola was jam-packed with insightful moments, leading to a whole new level of clarity!”

Thanks to our work together, I’ve become proactive in changing direction towards an exciting new future that now truly ‘fits’ and energises me. I’m so excited to finally be heading in the direction that feels like the most authentic fit at this phase of my life. Nicola and her program have been the key to shining the light on my own inner-genius!
Senior Leader (Dept of Education, SA)
professional coaching business success mastery

So, why aren't more of us clear on our magic?

Each of us is born with a unique gift or talent that points towards your greatest source of fulfilment and the difference you want to make in the world.
When we know how to make this gift the guiding light for our work, what we do feels inspiring & easy.
However, our gift is something that which usually comes so naturally to us – that we’re often BLIND to how truly remarkable it is.
Which is why this often sits in a personal blindspot, which can make it challenging to see for ourselves.
It’s my gift to be able to help you to see this unique gift for yourself in a way that will allow you to clearly express the magic you offer…so you can bring it to-life in a way that inspires YOU! 

“Nicola helped me discover what truly energised and inspired me!”

I was attracted to working with Nicola because of her extensive business background as well as her range of experiences as a high-level coach working across different industries. Since our coaching sessions, the way forward is now clear and exciting, and I realise that this work has created a vehicle to inspire the next level of my own personal growth. I have since transitioned into an entirely new role which is so much more ‘me’ at this stage of my career and I couldn’t be happier.
Director (Modus International)

Its time to remove the blindspot so you can…

Ready to quit feeling stuck when it comes to your next steps?

Whether you’re a successful professional, or entrepreneur and you’d like to dive into my 12-week Success Mastery Program to experience a new type of fulfilment in your work & personal lives.

Or you’re a talented coach with a unique & powerful transformation to offer who’s looking to step into your magic and harness your own unique gifts in a way which serves you via my 1:1 program The Coach’s Way.

I’ll help you bring more of your magic to-life in a tangible & inspiring way so you can decide for yourself what ‘success’ means — to YOU.


professional coaching business success mastery

“I feel more relaxed and empowered both as a parent and a boss!”

After working with Nicola, I realised that the old ‘rules’ I had in place were no longer working and that I needed to shift my entire way of being both at home and at work. Thanks to her program, I had a major shift which involved removing emotional blockages that had been there for decades. Before, I was running my own business but feeling uninspired and lacking in energy. Now I know exactly what I’m all about — and feel confident in how my inner-genius is truly unique to me!
Founder & Business Owner (Thrive PT)

Be honest

If the world ended tomorrow, would you rest easy knowing that you’ve lived your life according to your highest calling?

Or would you feel like you still have untapped magic within you, waiting to be unleashed?

I believe that life’s too short for you to spend your days prioritising other people’s needs instead of your own, sacrificing your dreams in order to maintain the status-quo, and doing work that tires rather than excites you.

This is your invitation to step into your magic...

To create what you want from a more inspired (and easeful!) place than you ever believed possible.

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